Stamping using acrylic stamps

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We all know that acrylic stamps have taken the world of rubber stamps by a storm. These are not only cheaper, buy allow better stamp quality. Acrylic stamps take most types of ink really well.

Using acrylic stamps with permanent alcohol markers:

- Most acrylic stamps take alcohol markers pretty well. This is a great way to let your sentiment's ink match perfectly with the rest of your project.
- Many crafters fear the inks will ruin their stamps, and sadly it is partially true. Alcohol inks harm stamps, and shorten their life. Therefore, try doing it only when you run out of options. Just remember to clean up your stamp immediately after use using a wet wipe.
-Even if the colour shows through your stamp, it means the stamp has taken up ink really well.

Using acrylic stamps with dye inks:

- Dye inks are bright, permanent inks which last for a longer time than pigment inks.
- Dye inks work extremely well with acrylic inks.

Using acrylic stamps with pigment inks or chalk inks:

- Pigment inks are less bright as compared to dye inks.
-Chalk inks are nothing but more concentrated pigment inks.

Using acrylic stamps with acrylic paints:

- You would not believe this but if you are short on cash to buy inkpads, go with the inexpensive acrylic paints.
- Acrylic paints do tend to spread out while stamping, so avoid stamping sentiments using this technique.
-A great trick here is to use second generation stamping for a perfect image.
- Do NOT dilute paint with water for this technique as water tends to make the paint less sticky for the stamp surface.

Using acrylic stamps with distress inks:

- Nope, distress inks do not stick to acrylic stamps properly. But it really depends on the quality of your stamp. The better it is, the better it will take up distress ink.
- This technique is a fun way of stamping and colouring without solid border around the image.

Hope this helps. :)


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